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Eco Slim Stacking Doors

Features & Benefits: Retractable Eco Slim Doors

Eco Slim Doors are fully retractable. This means that they can slide towards the left or right side of the space that leads to the outside or between rooms, to leave an unobstructed opening. It starts with a standard swivel door that pivots open to stack at the edge of the opening. As each of the doors glide along to the original door, they can pivot open to rest, parallel with the previous door. The doors can open inwards or outwards, to your preference.


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retractable Eco slim patio doors

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  • Eco slim doors slide and pivot (also described as slide and turn slide and swing or swivel) individually, to opening inwards or outwards, which means that there are no hinges to consider.
  • The first door opens normally for general use. Other doors are then able to glide along the guides to rest wherever required - anywhere along the opening.
  • The slim aluminium frames have sightlines of 20mm each side of the glass. As there are no hinges (e.g. necessary for bi folding doors)
  • The doors have very narrow profiles when doors are stacked open.
  • The doors are strong but light and easy to use.
  • Available in over 200 colour options.
  • Optional dust-free Venetian blinds.
  • Glass options, including tinted.
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Frameless Tempered Glass Doors & Windows

Where to use Frameless Glass Doors & Windows

Frameless Tempered Glass has no thermal properties for home insulation. It looks great, though, so where can the doors be used?

  • Room dividers: there will be some reduction of noise without any reduction of natural light flow.
  • Enclosures: for a covered terrace or out-building, as protection from wind and rain.
  • Mezzanine enclosure, for privacy, if used as a sleeping area or office.

If you don't want to use plain glass, tempered glass options include tinted glass and mirrored glass.

Now, here's the surprise... Frameless double-glazed doors and windows are also available! There is a visible edge to the glass panels on the double-glazing units, which is where the unit is hermetically sealed. The advantage of a double glazed door or window, other than its thermal insulation compliance, is that slatted blinds can be encapsulated. With integral blinds inside the sealed glass unit, they are protected from damage - and dust - and offer both privacy and light control. Magnets enable the blinds to operate as standard Venetian blinds.

Tempered Frameless Glass Doors

Tempered glass doors

frameless glass room dividers

frameless glass room dividers

retractable windows & doors

Retractable Windows for Balcony Rooms

Balcony Rooms with Retractable Windows

Our Eco Slim Glass Doors and Windows can be almost invisible when open. They are fully retractable, enabling up to seven metres of ... nothing! Our technology makes it easy to create a balcony-style environment in your own home. The frames at the sides of each window (and door) panel are ultra slim - sightlines of less than one inch when closed and narrow profiles when open.

With an expanse of open window, your views are far more panoramic than with standard windows, separated by pillars. Like our doors, our windows can also be spaced along the width of the opening, for more or less wind flow. It also looks pretty cool, too. Notice that windows and doors may be specified to open either inwards or outwards.

aluminium bi folding doors

sliding-stacking windows


glass balcony

tempered glass balcony

retractable windows-doors

fully open retractable windows


aluminium doors-windows

fully opened stacking doors and windows

If you would like a price for our doors or mini-doors (i.e. windows), please complete and submit our quotation form. Thank you.

spaceable sliding-stacking doors

Comparing Frames for Patio Doors & Windows

What Frames are Best for Patio Doors?

Frames for windows and patio door frames are usually:

  • wood
  • coated aluminium
  • composite, which is pvc internally reinforced with aluminuim.

All these frames will be affected by weather conditions to some extent. Some are easier to maintain than others. So how do they compare?

PVC doors were cheap and not fit for purpose until they were reinforced with metal inside the frames. They would bend, warp and break. More recently, good quality frames can be very good. Special finishes, such as wood-grain effect, may be available from some companies but the popular choice is white.

panoramic views with ultraslimTimber frames are available in different woods: softwood is cheaper to produce and buy than hardwood frames. All wooden frames require regular treatment, whether staining or painting in colours of your choice. Cheaper wooden frames may not have been 'seasoned' and may therefore warp or shrink, leaving gaps for a draughty home.

Early aluminium frames were cold and ugly. Today's aluminium frames should be thermally broken for excellent U-values. Metal is the strongest of all three frame styles, which allows slimmer frames and better viewing through the more glass. Coated aluminium means that the smooth finish is available in approximately 200 different colours and only requires an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to keep looking great.

If your wish list is for contemporary patio doors that open completely (up to seven metres across), you need to choose our eco slim doors. They have slim sightlines and slim profiles, not achievable with pvc or timber framed doors. Eco slim retractable windows (minimum height 1m, maximum width 7m) are also available. These seem to turn any room into a covered balcony!

Interested? Contact us for a quote for slide and turn patio doors with eco slim aluminium frames or for frameless glass doors.

eco slim doors in stone wall

Single glazed and Double glazing

Single Glazed & Double Glazing

After the second world war, there were large-scale building schemes to provide housing for the many people who lost their homes due to bombing and for new arrivals coming to Britain to help re-build it, as the war had taken its toll. During the 1950s and 1960s, there was a trend to use metal frames rather than wood. Windows were single-glazed with standard glass panes.

aluminium slide and turn doors

slide and turn patio doors

At the time in the UK, the '60s felt like the doorway between a staid old past and a bright promising future. Not just fashion and pop music, but architecture too. Even at the lower end of the scale, houses were being constructed with picture windows and sliding patio doors to the garden.

Towards the 1970s, double glazing was introduced. Windows and patio door frames were available in plastic and timber. Even so, sliding them across was still a chore. Companies continued to improve their products and PVC became a popular choice.

Skipping forward to the turn of the century, doors and windows are available in timber, pvc, composite and coated aluminium. Aluminium frames should be 'thermally broken' to comply with British Standards, which means that the cold air on the outside frame does not reach the inside of the frame. All glass units in the home should also be double glazed for the same reason.

Door styles have evolved, too.

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