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Eco Slim Stacking Doors

Features & Benefits: Retractable Eco Slim Doors

Eco Slim Doors are fully retractable. This means that they can slide towards the left or right side of the space that leads to the outside or between rooms, to leave an unobstructed opening. It starts with a standard swivel door that pivots open to stack at the edge of the opening. As each of the doors glide along to the original door, they can pivot open to rest, parallel with the previous door. The doors can open inwards or outwards, to your preference.


slide and turn doors

retractable Eco slim patio doors

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  • Eco slim doors slide and pivot (also described as slide and turn slide and swing or swivel) individually, to opening inwards or outwards, which means that there are no hinges to consider.
  • The first door opens normally for general use. Other doors are then able to glide along the guides to rest wherever required - anywhere along the opening.
  • The slim aluminium frames have sightlines of 20mm each side of the glass. As there are no hinges (e.g. necessary for bi folding doors)
  • The doors have very narrow profiles when doors are stacked open.
  • The doors are strong but light and easy to use.
  • Available in over 200 colour options.
  • Optional dust-free Venetian blinds.
  • Glass options, including tinted.