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Comparing Frames for Patio Doors & Windows

What Frames are Best for Patio Doors?

Frames for windows and patio door frames are usually:

  • wood
  • coated aluminium
  • composite, which is pvc internally reinforced with aluminuim.

All these frames will be affected by weather conditions to some extent. Some are easier to maintain than others. So how do they compare?

PVC doors were cheap and not fit for purpose until they were reinforced with metal inside the frames. They would bend, warp and break. More recently, good quality frames can be very good. Special finishes, such as wood-grain effect, may be available from some companies but the popular choice is white.

panoramic views with ultraslimTimber frames are available in different woods: softwood is cheaper to produce and buy than hardwood frames. All wooden frames require regular treatment, whether staining or painting in colours of your choice. Cheaper wooden frames may not have been 'seasoned' and may therefore warp or shrink, leaving gaps for a draughty home.

Early aluminium frames were cold and ugly. Today's aluminium frames should be thermally broken for excellent U-values. Metal is the strongest of all three frame styles, which allows slimmer frames and better viewing through the more glass. Coated aluminium means that the smooth finish is available in approximately 200 different colours and only requires an occasional wipe with a damp cloth to keep looking great.

If your wish list is for contemporary patio doors that open completely (up to seven metres across), you need to choose our eco slim doors. They have slim sightlines and slim profiles, not achievable with pvc or timber framed doors. Eco slim retractable windows (minimum height 1m, maximum width 7m) are also available. These seem to turn any room into a covered balcony!

Interested? Contact us for a quote for slide and turn patio doors with eco slim aluminium frames or for frameless glass doors.