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Frameless Tempered Glass Doors & Windows

Where to use Frameless Glass Doors & Windows

Frameless Tempered Glass has no thermal properties for home insulation. It looks great, though, so where can the doors be used?

  • Room dividers: there will be some reduction of noise without any reduction of natural light flow.
  • Enclosures: for a covered terrace or out-building, as protection from wind and rain.
  • Mezzanine enclosure, for privacy, if used as a sleeping area or office.

If you don't want to use plain glass, tempered glass options include tinted glass and mirrored glass.

Now, here's the surprise... Frameless double-glazed doors and windows are also available! There is a visible edge to the glass panels on the double-glazing units, which is where the unit is hermetically sealed. The advantage of a double glazed door or window, other than its thermal insulation compliance, is that slatted blinds can be encapsulated. With integral blinds inside the sealed glass unit, they are protected from damage - and dust - and offer both privacy and light control. Magnets enable the blinds to operate as standard Venetian blinds.

Tempered Frameless Glass Doors

Tempered glass doors

frameless glass room dividers

frameless glass room dividers